Scaffolding Rolling Towers

Scaffolding Rolling Towers

Rolling towers are manufactured for a very intensive use. Castors, frames, braces and platforms are fully reviewed to ensure your safety. These mobile scaffolds can be moved everywhere, so you can work in different places and dispose of a mobile structure that you can replace quickly.

Our mobile scaffold incorporates all the security systems required by the US legislation, and we add more devices to build the safest structures. A mobile scaffold tower allows to work just with a structure which you can install in different spaces, something very useful in construction works.

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A scaffold rolling tower is usually used to work in different places at height, it is a light structure which can be transported easily to various zones, due to the wheels it has on its base. The scaffolding achieves high areas of work safely, however, it is a fixed structure which we can install in all the places we want to work in. A scaffolding tower can be moved from one place to another immediately, it also incorporates different safety systems to prevent movements involuntary, being the wheels completely locked.

These rolling towers are formed with modules, so they can have a variable height.The structure is formed by different horizontal, vertical and diagonal bars, on top we work in a security basket, to reach any work area, avoiding falls from a height. The result is a very safe auxiliary structure, easy to move and adapted to jobs in which we must move to different areas.

Mobile tower scaffold

We work with different scaffolding, so we provide all kind of mobile towers scaffold including different heights. If you need a special mobile access tower just contact us, we build all our structures, so we can manufacture personalized scaffolding.

If you need fixed scaffolding, you have to install a large amount of strcutures along the work zone. Work with a mobile tower is very comfortable, you have the possibility to move the whole aluminum mobile tower where you need it.
Aluminum is a very lightweight material, so it is perfect to manufacture mobile scaffolding systems. All our devices include security casters, so you can displace the aluminum mobile scaffolding easily, and you can be sure that you are working in a safety place.

Aluminum rolling towers are frequently used in construction works, but these structures are useful to reform works, as part of longer structures in concerts and spectacles, even to use at home, that is why we manufacture all kind of scaffolding, including small mobile scaffold towers that you can fold and keep in your own house.

Scaffold tower for sale

Our scaffolding towers are for sale, you can buy all our models to have a secure mobile tower scaffolding whenever you need it. Each scaffolding tower for sale is certified and it has been evaluated to achieve safety standards. Our team advises you to find the perfect structure for your usual jobs.

If you are looking for a scaffold tower for sale trust in our devices.

Are you looking for a full scaffolding service? Just contact us, we have the best team in the US. We go wherever you need us and we fix all our devices, including mobile scaffold towers.

Find a mobile aluminum scaffold for sale adapted to your work is not easy, you can buy our mobile towers adapted to your needs, totally personalized. If you are looking for aluminum rolling towers for sale we have too. Rent the perfect scaffolding for your work just when you need it.

Check our aluminum rolling towers and choose the best option for you. If you need specific information about one of our products just contact us, we can help you whenever you need us.

Rolling tower scaffold

The main advantage of our towers is the possibility to move them easily. The displacement system is very simple, they incorporate wheels in the lower part of the scaffolding, so you can move it immediately, in addition, the whole structure is very light.

The wheels have safety brakes, the aluminium scaffold tower remains motionless while you work at height.

Scaffold tower hire

Scaffolding towers hire is the best solution for people who is working at height and do not need a complete fixed structure.

If you are going to reform part of your own home yourself and you want to do it in a safe environment, contact us and know our scaffold tower hire service, we have structures with several different measures to adapt them to your needs.

Aluminium scaffold tower

Aluminium is the most suitable material to manufacture a aluminum rolling tower scaffold. This material is very light, facilitating its movement, but it is also very resistant.

Our scaffolding towers are manufactured with light aluminium certified, generating structures that reach great heights, being both safe and extremely resistant.

If you need scaffolding towers to work at height, in Alufase you will find all the models you need,all of them reviewed and certified for work at height.