The folding scaffold is an aluminium construction designed for both internal and external use. We manufacture this kind of mini scaffold, with the highest standards of safety and reliability. Every model has wheels in the base, and includes different platforms to reach various heights.
A folding scaffold can be easily stored, because it can be folded up to occupy a very small space. Use a small scaffolding is the safest way to work in medium heights.

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Folding scaffold

Foldable scaffold for sale

In Alufase we manufacture all our products, so we are sure that all of them are safe and reliable. You can work with devices that use professionals and construction workers every day. We are so sure about the quality of our products that we offer you a guarantee of 10 years in all of them. Height works can be dangerous, so it’s important to work with quality platforms.

Collapsible scaffolding

Folding scaffolding can be stored in a very small place. If you need a high platform occasionally, check our mini scaffolding catalogue, you will find different possibilities, all of them include security systems to avoid dangers while you are working.

Folding aluminium scaffolding

Aluminium is a very common material to manufacture construction devices. It’s very lightweight and easy to move, something very important for mini scaffolding, and it’s very resistant to adverse weather conditions.
A small scaffold can be very useful for works at home, for example when we are doing gardening works, for maintenance at home or little works that we have to do in height.

The folding system is perfect to keep it in a small space for the necessary time, since aluminium is very resistant and does not change with corrosion.

Fold up scaffolding

Our commitment is to provide to our customers adapted structures to work at heights. Folding scaffolds are recommended for professionals, but also for particular people who use to work once in a while at home, and needs a platform designed to reach medium heights.
If you need other kind of scaffold, both for rent or buy, in Alufase you will find different solutions for you, in aluminium and fiberglass, two very light materials specially recommended to manufacture construction structures.
If you need more information about Alufase and our services just contact us, we will provide you the best working platforms and support when you need it.