We manufacture scaffolding platforms easy to install using high strength aluminum, able to resist high loads. Scaffolding platforms are surfaces that allow us to walk along the structure safely. Every platform have to fit perfectly with the measures of the scaffold, in addition safety devices are included to work securely and comfortably. We fix in each stage latches and anti-slip surfaces to prevent slipping.

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Scaffolding PLATFORMS

Aluminum Scaffolding PLATFORMS for sale

We install our platforms without tools, so we do it quickly, fixing every piece at the moment. Scaffolding platforms are very important to protect all the people who is working with a scaffold. We rent our platform designs to different models of scaffolding, if you are looking for scaffolding platforms for sale we have them too, we have different pieces adapted to many sizes.

We use aluminum to manufacture all the platforms, this is a very lightweight material but very resistant to high loads and extreme weather conditions.We transfer the platforms with the rest of the scaffolding if it’s necessary, and we install them including all the security systems to fix the surface and avoid dangerous movements while you are working.

If you need more accessories just contact with us, we manufacture outriggers, frames, adjustable legs, castors and other pieces, all of them indispensable to work in a scaffold. We fabricate every part of the scaffolds that we use, so if you need a special work just contact us, we can fit our accessories to your needs.