Scaffolding outriggers are essential to ensure the stability of the scaffold. Our scaffold outriggers are very easy to fix, and you can move them if you are changing the position of the whole structure. Outriggers for scaffold are structures extending outward from a scaffolding to increase stability or provide support, our scaffold outriggers for sale are designed to fit perfectly with our structures, but you can use them in other models.

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Scaffolding OUTRIGGERS

Aluminum Scaffolding OUTRIGGERS for sale

The base of a scaffold is essential to ensure its position. Outriggers for scaffolding stop movements in the low level of the structure, preventing the top part from swinging.

Usually it’s necessary to install a complete outrigger scaffolding system formed with four safety bars, although in specific cases, such as large scaffolds composed of several modules, we can use more devices, even manufacture special outriggers for you if you need it. A scaffold outrigger has a telescopic system to lengthen its dimension, so we can support the top part at different heights. We test every outrigger for scaffolding that we made, to ensure that every piece is ready to be part of your work team.

In Alufase we manufacture our own scaffolding, and we develop a complete catalogue with all the accessories that you need, getting durable mobile structures. Check our web, you will find ladders, platforms, frames and guard rails.
If you need a special service contact us, we manufacture all our material, so we can create custom pieces for you.