Scaffolding frames are the pieces which form the structure of a scaffold. Having adapted frames for scaffolding is basic to build the structures that we need to reach heights. Good scaffold frames start with the manufacturing process. We never use welds to fix the pieces, this can produce weak points and debilitate the piece, so we fabricate our structures using a cold bent process, to shape the frame correctly, giving strength to the whole bar.

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Scaffolding FRAMES

Aluminum Scaffolding FRAMES for sale

A scaffold frame not only has to be well manufactured, its storage can be critical if we want to work with the scaffold for a long time. We store every scaffolding frame in a safe place avoiding that is exposed to extreme weather conditions, otherwise the piece may lose grip and stability.

We take the quality of our products very seriously, so we test each frame, making sure that all its parts are ready to be used.Our scaffolds frames for sale can be rented as well, and you can use them during the time you need them. This service includes transfer, assembly and dismantling.

We have been scaffolding parts suppliers for a long time in the US, so we know the legislation and all the security systems that we have to include to improve your safety. If you need more devices and scaffolding parte for rent or buy check our catalogue, we manufacture all kind of frames, if you need it, we can make custom pieces for you.