Check our range of scaffolding castors, we supply scaffold tower wheels to suit standard scaffold tubes and other designs that we can custom for you. Scaffold castors are essential to move an aluminum scaffold comfortably and quickly, these wheels allow the entire structure to move easily to the workplace.

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Scaffolding CASTORS

Aluminum Scaffolding CASTORS for sale

In Alufase we manufacture all the pieces that we rent and sell, that is the reason why we can say that all our structures are safe. The base of a scaffolding is the most important part to guarantee the security when we work in heights, our commitment is provide the best pieces with all the mandatory security systems, and other devices developed by ourselves.

Scaffolding castors can wear down much earlier than the aluminum that forms the structure of the scaffolding, we use hard plastics so these wheels are as resistant as the bars they support. Each scaffold castor is built to resist all kinds of grounds and they incorporate a lock to block the structure and prevent movements from the base. If you need a special scaffold castor contact us, we can design it for you.

The scaffold castors are a solid system, they come with a double brake pedal extra safety and ease of use. We manufacture all our devices, from the lateral frames to the platforms, you can find more accessories in our catalogue and improve the security of your team. We can custom certain pieces, so if you need it just contact with us.