Scaffold braces are used for both standard and arched scaffolding to reach their full capability. These bars ensure the shape of the scaffolding, reinforcing its load capacity. The scaffolding cross braces are essential in the assembly process, each scaffolding brace must be correctly fixed to the scaffolding, at a height that allows the diagonal to act as a loading force.

Scaffolding BRACES

Aluminum Scaffolding BRACES for sale

The scaffolding cross bracing system allows the weight to be distributed among more elements, helping vertical and horizontal structural bars, especially when somebody is working in the scaffolding.

There are many different scaffolds, so we manufacture different brace scaffolding sizes. A cross brace has to be correctly fixed, to ensure all the structure. Our cross braces for scaffolding are made to fit with our devices, but you can use many of them in other scaffolds. If you are looking for scaffolding cross braces for sale, check our catalogue and choose the items that you need to work securely. We provide a rent service as well, with scaffold cross brace in different sizes.

Our work includes assembly, dismantling and transfer, we take all the pieces where you need them immediately. Our professional team can fix the whole structure in a few time for you. We manufacture all kind of pieces and accessories, if you need guard rails, castors, outriggers, platforms and any part of the scaffold contact us, we can manufacture custom pieces if you need it, adding all kind of security devices.