Adjustable Legs

Adjustable Legs

Probably, the most important part when we assemble a scaffold is the base. Scaffold legs adjustable are essential to ensure the structure and get the correct height. Adjustable scaffolding legs are made with aluminum that allows to fix the scaffold to the ground properly, and adjust the size of the structure.

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Aluminum Adjustable Scaffold Legs for sale

These scaffold legs levelling are very important to work comfortably, because we choose the exact height that we need to work. In Alufase we build different scaffolding legs to fit them with our scaffolding.

Adjustable scaffolding legs are very useful to choose the height of the scaffold. Another advantage is that these pieces ensure the position of the platform, especially in grounds that are not flat, and windy days and periods with unfavourable weather conditions.
If we install a good base for a scaffold we can work with a high protection level. Legs avoid movements and balancing that can happen from the base, they are also important because the base distributes the weight throughout the whole structure.

Our service includes all the installation work, with an experimented team always ready to assemble and test your scaffolds. We do the transfer and dismantling.
We manufacture all our scaffolds and accessories, so we are sure that all our structures are safe, in fact, all our scaffolds have a 10 years warranty. We fabricate braces, guard rails, ladders, platforms and much more. If you need custom parts just contact us, we can adapt them to your needs.