Aluminium Scaffolding Parts

We can build the perfect structure for you with our aluminium scaffolding parts. Our modular scaffolding reach any height, even in narrow spaces. We work with an expert team who works in all the states. We arrive where you need us to offer you the safest scaffolding in the United States.


We manufacture every single part




Working with you to provide the best
structures in the USA

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Scaffolding parts

Scaffold parts for sale

If you need aluminium sfaffold parts for sale or rental check our catalogue, it includes ladders, wheels, guardrails, outriggers and more. We manufacture every single part, now you can work with the best material to work at height.




Do you need security pieces and replacement parts for scaffolding?

Alufase pieces and frames manufactured by us

In Alufase we think that the most important when you are working at eights is safety. Much of the protection of a person who is working on a scaffold depends on the construction of the structure and its assembly, our frames and pieces are reviewed one by one, and they are manufactured following a strict production method, which avoids welding and weak parts.

We have worked in the United States form many years offering high quality scaffolding to all our customers. Every detail matters, that’s why our pieces incorporate new security systems that make a safe structure at all times, avoiding dangers. If you need scaffolding pieces and frames visit our catalogue and work with the best material for your team.

But if you are looking the best scaffolding rental agency, Alufase is the solution.



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