– Anti-sparks: This type of scaffolding does not give off “sparks” which makes it very safe to use in those areas where there is dust, steam or other combustible suspended particles.

– Zona 1 areas are those in which an explosive atmosphere (ATEX) may occur in normal working conditions. For jobs of production and maintenance in those areas it is advisable to use this type of scaffolding.

– Non-conductive: The scaffold is non-conductive of electrical current which makes it very safe to use in electrical installations to perform repairing, inspection and maintenance jobs.

– Resistant to corrosion: Plastic reinforced with fiberglass is a material resistant to corrosion generated by salt water and to the majority of chemical agents such as fuel, oils, lacquer and most solvents.

– Stainless steel: Unlike metallic materials, plastic which has been reinforced with fiberglass does not oxidize.