Aluminium scaffolding and scaffolding towers for sale

We provide quick solutions to your height problems

We acquire a commitment with every customer when they rent one of our products, based in the usability and the safety of all our scaffolds. Whether you are working in standard conditions, with high-voltage equipment or small areas, there is a scaffold for you with all the safety conditions to work with it.
Alufase is a company based in a huge offer of construction materials, specialized in aluminium and fiberglass scaffolding and scaffolding towers. We have worked many years in this country, always providing the best structure in every case.
If you need an auxiliary structure for renovation and new construction contact us, we have everything you need.

Alufase offers scaffolding of the highest quality made from the best European raw materials such as lightweight aluminum alloy, Finnish birch plywood and die-cast aluminum.

We are equipped with the most advanced manufacturing means and an engineering department which consists of engineers with several years of experience in the industry. As a result of this, we are able to set up any kind of project by using our standard aluminum towers, scaffolding for boilers or platforms to be used in aircraft maintenance, among many other types of project.

Alufase´s products are quality and reliability benchmarks and have a guarantee for 10 years against manufacturing defects. We have a wide stock to satisfy all your scaffolding needs and are able to ship our products immediately.

You can ask us for a budget without commitment. Our sales representatives will go wherever the clients require them to be in order to offer the cheapest and most efficient solution to their height problems.

What we offer can include transportation, assembly and dismantling of the aluminum or fiberglass scaffolding. We also make it possible for the client to pick up the material from any of our warehouses.

Aluminum scaffolding offer many advantages in comparison to traditional scaffolding. Aluminum is a very light material which allows for the structure to move easily. Our aluminum scaffolding has casters for simple movement. The tensioners and supports which come with our scaffolding guarantee the necessary level of safety to work without any problems and comply with all OSHA regulations.

Scaffold manufacturer

We manufacture scaffold systems with engineering advances and our own product development, this is the reason why we are leading the scaffolding industry in Miami and Houston, but we are working in every state of the United States of America.
We are proud to say that we work with our own products, so we can control all the process and provide our customers with the exact structure they need.


Scaffolds are temporary constructions that allow to work in high-positioned areas for construction activities and other situations. They ensure that working areas can be safely accessed, so this kind of structure is used in industries as well, for example in large industrial sheds and warehouses, where large amounts of goods are stored.
If you need permanent structures in your warehouse contact us, we work with industries to provide safety scaffolds permanently installed in all kind of spaces.

Types of aluminium scaffoldings

We work with two types of aluminium scaffolds: mobile towers and fixed structures. Mobile towers are very useful to work in different places quickly, using just one structure. You can move these scaffolds easily, while you are working completely safe.
Fixed scaffolds are the traditional option. These structures cannot be moved, but they get higher heights. Both mobile and fixed scaffolds are made of aluminium, a very light material, but all our products are available with fiberglass.

Scaffolding rental

You do not need to buy a complete scaffold kit for building. Usually, builders rent scaffolds to use them for a certain time, but these structures must be secure all the time. In Alufase we offer to you the best technology applied to scaffolds. We work with an experienced assembly team to set up scaffolds conveniently.
If you are looking for a complete scaffolding service contact us, we have worked in different situations, always providing the best service for all our customers.

Materials of our scaffoldings

We make two different types of scaffolds with aluminium and fiberglass. These two materials are the best resources to manufacture auxiliary structures.
Fiberglass does not give off sparks, so it is very safe to work in zones with combustible suspended particles. This material is non-conductive of electric current, so it is perfect to work with electrical installations to perform repairing and maintenance works. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosion generated by chemical agents and it does not produce oxide.
Aluminium is used very often in building works due to its characteristics. It is a very light material, so it is very easy work with it. Components are easier to handle and assembly work is faster. It is very important the substrate and the kind of floor when we need to install a scaffold, working with light material like aluminium we can work safely in more places.
We work to build a long-term relationship with our clients by delivering an outstanding level of service, if you need a scaffold in the USA we offer you the best solution.



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